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  1. Duplicate master model.
  2. Articulate duplicate model.
  3. Open the bite on the articulator 2.5 to 3.0 mm in the anterior region.
  4. Wax appliance as usual engaging undercuts. Do not block out undercuts. Peripheral borders should have approximately a 1/8 inch roll. The vault area may be waxed thinner than 1/8 inch as this area does not directly absorb shock. To insure the finished appliance will articulate properly in the mouth, the wax-up should include all the upper teeth and the impression of the lower teeth.
  5. Prior to investing the wax-up, Vaseline all surfaces of the stone model.
  6. Invest-boil out-paint with separator.
  7. Mix the Therm-O-Flex® 3:1, powder to liquid (or 21:6, powder to liquid for a slightly firmer appliance).
  8. Material is ready to pack when it no longer feels tacky.
  9. Pack the material in the upper half of the flask using a Cellophane sheet between it and the model.
  10. Trial pack the material twice using an elastophane sheet at the final closure.
  11. Transfer flask to rigid clamp or press.
  12. Cure the material a minimum of five hours at 165°F (this is the preferred method of curing). If a shorter processing time is desired, leave material in the flask in press for 15 minutes, after which time insert it into boiling water for one hour.
  13. Recover occlusal appliance with model intact (reason for Vaseline in number 5) above.
  14. Re-articulate and refine occlusion.
  15. Place model and appliance in boiling water for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds remove model from appliance and cool.
  16. Finish using duplicate model to check for extensions and undercuts.
  17. Return appliance to doctor with master model intact.
  18. Do not put appliance in heat-sealed bag, as the material will remain milky for a longer period of time. Please allow 48 hours for material to become clear.
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